The Anti-blogger, an ordinary UK Christian

The Anti-blogger, an ordinary UK Christian

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An ordinary UK Christian

So why another blog? What do I have to contribute to the blogosphere? That’s a very hard question to answer. Firstly, my day to day job counts against me being interesting. A few years ago my daughter complained how boring my job is compared with the other dads in her class. It was particularly harsh that I was competing against a fireman, a policeman, the manager of a football league club and a member of a former internationally famous rock band! My not very glamourous job is a secondary school maths teacher, but like all proper maths teachers, I’m quietly proud of how dull that sounds!

Quite often, when I tell people my job, they feel the need to confide in me what they thought of their maths teacher when they were at school, or to say whether they are any good at maths or not. I’m then left thanking them in my most genuine, sincere voice for that insight into their formative years. I wonder if this is true of other jobs.

“Hello, I’m a dentist” … “I didn’t like my dentist when I was young, even though she won dentist of the year”.

“Oh Hello, I’m a doctor” … “I was never any good at playing operation as a kid”.

“Hello, I’m a police officer” … “I’ve never been any good at keeping the law at school – so I can’t expect my child to be any good at keeping the law either – it just runs in the family”. (Yes, that is a parody of many parents evening conversations I’ve had!)

“Oh Hello, I’m a hairdresser” … “No way – I was born with a perm” (Do perms even still exist?).

“Hello, I’m an accountant” … “Oh look, there’s a maths teacher over there. It’ll be more interesting if I go and talk to him!”

The next thing I need to tell you is that I’m a Christian and a fair chunk of this blog is going to be about faith. The Bible describes the message of Jesus as Good News, but very often what you read about Christians or even hear from Christians does not sound like good news. I still believe it is good news – the best kind of news – full of justice and hope for the UK, and our world – and able to bring change. This will be the theme I will resonate through this blog.

Maths teacher – Christian – not great adverts for this blog! But I will blog about other things as well as faith, like politics or education or the joy of mathematics or the miserable state of my football team (UTV!). Hopefully they will be a stimulus to think big ideas, and how they affect the ordinary day to day.

I’ve read many blogs, and there are some good ones out their; but I don’t fit very well with the blogger brigade. I’m not an academic or an expert (although I’ll pretend to be), I’m not a churchman, I’m not a writer or an author, I’m not into promoting me (in fact the opposite, I hope this blog will remain pretty anonymous, so I don’t have to have a conversation about it with a student who’s become bored in a maths lesson – if that is even possible!!). I’m not even someone who enjoys words and quality writing for the sake of it (please note the deliberate spelling mistake above and random use of a semi-colon, what are they for anyway?, just to annoy any English teachers who may be reading this!)

In many ways I feel like an anti-blogger – spectacularly ordinary. An ordinary Brit, in an ordinary town, in an ordinary county, in the middle of pretty, but dull England. But even the ordinary needs to think big sometimes – and I hope this blog will help us do just that.

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  1. ‘Even the ordinary needs to think big sometimes’ – so true. I don’t usually bother with blogs but for this one I’ll make an exception!

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